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4 Sundays Jan 8-29


Early bird deal- by Dec 30-$320
thereafter $350
(price is for 2 people~you must come with a partner)



It's the New Year. Are you ready to learn new ways to have fun nurturing yourself and relationships?  In this series we will demystify massage and learn fundamentals of the art  that ease the stress of life that often land in our bodies.

Imagine, next time your partner says "honey, could you just rub my shoulder right here" and knowing exactly what to do. Or maybe you experience insomnia and you now know precisely which pressure points will calm your adrenal glands to calm your busy mind. In this 4 session class you will learn the fundamentals of massage, including ways to help relieve common back discomfort, head aches and stress of daily living. It seems that many of us think we should just know this stuff. Well, truth be told, were you born knowing how to fix a car or how to skillfully maneuver a new app on your phone? Of course not, these are learned skills and just as you have learned many other things most of us can also learn how to give (and receive) healing massage.

We will meet 4 times for 3 hrs....YUP this is a commitment. Massage tables will be provided. And YUP you will have a lifetime skill that you will be able to share with anyone you can get your hands on.

Questions? email
Preregistration required.

solstice 2022.png

Nearing the shortest day of the year, we pause and rest. This practice is a deep dive into the season's gifts, honoring the long dark nights and welcoming the return of the light. Supported yoga poses gently open the body, rich sounds of harmonium and voice to lull us deeper, and the warm glow of candle light and community completes the circle.  Seasonal drink and snack send us on our way.

Preregistration required.

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