Here is a Restorative Yoga

youtube practice

                                        (in 2 parts, 43 mins in all)

   Easily you can choose a pose or two for a shorter practice


(11) Restorative Yoga part1 - YouTube

savasana practice

(11) Restorative Yoga part 2 - YouTube


Here is a Gardener's Back Care Practice youtube video

Mother's Day

Partner Yoga

play practice for women

Saturday May 9


$50 (for 2)~early bird by May 2 2020

$60 thereafter

partner up with your mom,daughter, sister or gal pal  yoga buddy and join in this playful and rich practice in honor of deep bonding of mothering another, yourself and the world-giving and receiving in new and refreshing ways.


Turning Your World Upside Down

postponed until we can meet in person



Are you intrigued by the possibility of doing one of those cool upside down poses? Maybe you are just ready to give yourself a yoga boost or get a new perspective on life. Join Emily Harvey Dooley and Sylvie in learning the ins and outs of inverted poses. Inverting the body is amazing in stimulating the organs and glands, creating space in your joints and spine and dissolving agitation of the mind with enhancing clarity of perception. Safe, step by step instruction for students who have 2 years of regular yoga classes. Be assured there are many variations of inversions for differing levels of experience.  Wonder if this might be for you? Email to inquire.