Deeper Dive Offerings ~ 2021

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A daily pranayama practice on zoom

Sunday January 3 ~ 7:30-8:15 pm
intro to pranayama discussion
followed by
Monday January 4-~Friday January 8
7:15-7:45 am
led practice
Prerequisite 1 year of regular yoga classes.


The practice of pranayama is far reaching and extremely healing.  Through gentle control of the breath we deeply access our nervous system and pranic(energy) body and invite restoration throughout our beings and experience of our sweet true nature.

We will have an initial meeting where the restorative poses and practice are described in detail then each consecutive morning for 5 days I will lead 30 minute practice early morning practice.


A weekly pranayama practice

Sundays 7-8:00 pm

January 10-February 7

5 weeks~$75

In yoga the Kleshas are considered the root cause of our suffering. Avidya: ignorance, asmita: over

identification with ego, raga: attachment, dvesa; avoidance, and abhinivesah:fear of death, are all expected part of the human experience. All human beings encounter these aspects throughout life. The practice of pranayama helps us to develop tools that lead us to manage these afflictions. We meet once a week for an hour to steep ourselves in breath and share the fruits of our explorations. For folks who are experience in pranayama. Interested? Email to see if this is for you.

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youtube videos

Enjoy this restorative yoga practice

                            (in 2 parts, 43 mins in all)

   Easily you can choose a pose or two for a shorter practice


(11) Restorative Yoga part1 - YouTube


(11) Restorative Yoga part 2 - YouTube




Here is a Gardener's Back Care Practice




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