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About Sylvie

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I practice, study, and offer yoga to others because it has been an anchor in my life since the mid-nineteen-eighties. Like a best friend, yoga continues to help me make sense of my life experiences and has helped me befriend, heal, and transform aspects of myself and a past that were fragmented.


Non-Dualistic Shaiva Tantra is at the heart of my teaching. Based on the principle that at our source we are innately good, I am humbled by this deep and extensive body of philosophical thought and practice. Since 2011, this philosophy has guided me personally and I offer what has touched me deeply in the hopes that others will experience its wisdom and support.  


I believe the body is a temple. It is a vessel for grace, creativity, and connection. Inevitably, life creates injury, disconnection, violation. I see yoga is an entry point for healing and a tool for experiencing grace and divine connection. These concepts, along with my training and experience as a massage therapist for twenty-seven years, inform my classes and workshops. Massage therapy, with its ability to develop presence in people’s bodies through touch, led me to yoga which I practice exclusively now. Teaching students about their bodies and helping to find practices that would be most helpful to them is satisfying to me.


The deepest of gratitude to all of my teachers over the years and all of my students from whom I garner my most treasured lessons. May all beings be at peace and experience the depth, sweetness, and fullness of their true nature.


I look forward to meeting you.                



Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, 1986, Certification Program, Lenox, MA
Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training, 1987, Lighted Works Re-education Therapies, Thetford VT
Advanced Yoga Studies with Donna Farhi:
    Yoga and the Fluid Body, 1998
    Return to Authenticity, 2001
    Advanced Yoga Studies, Level 2002,
    Level II-2004
Anusara Yoga Studies
     Anusara Yoga Immersion I, II- Deb Neubauer- 2010,
     Level III-2011 Yoga Sanctuary, North Hampton, MA
     Anusara Yoga Teacher Training- 2012, Yoga Sanctuary, North Hampton, MA
Ashaya Yoga Studies: Todd Norian
    The Healing Power of Yoga: A Yoga Therapy Training Intensive, 2013
    The Art of Teaching with a Them, 2013
    Touch of Grace: Mastering Hands on Adjustments, 2014
Principle Based Partner’s Yoga TM, Teacher Training
     Level I, April 2016, Bloomfield, NY
     Level II, Nov 2016, Santa Barbara, CA

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