Principle Based Partner Yoga is a practice that playfully affirms connections. While great for couples, yoga buddies, family members or colleagues get a big lift from it. Poses incorporate the presence of another person to deepen the impact and awaken our human potential for play, grounding, compassion and trust.

In this series each workshop builds on the other with some repetition and some new practices in each. Come to the first and give it a try. Register for all three and get a discount.


"Fantastic! Well Done~the retreat was well structured and guided in a nurturing and professional way." E.C

"Thank You! We were in need of connecting in a meaningful way and you took us there." D.M.

"I really enjoyed this class. I like the comfortable setting and small class. We had never take a yoga class together but now feel more comfortable doing yoga together" J. R

Principle Based Partner Yoga™ is a relational practice for two or more people that infuses yoga poses with playfulness and practices that help us connect with another person while maintaining a clear connection to yourself.  This practice is applicable to couples, friends, mother/ daughter/, father/son, colleagues or even strangers. By working with others we intentionally integrate the universal principles of grounding, compassion, trust, creativity, and discernment to enhance our connections and meet one another with equality.




Private Sessions:

On site or in my home studio, private sessions allow for very focused or specific needs or goals. This could be for two people/students who pair up or one person with whom I am the partner.


Introductory Mini Workshop:

A 2hr session that introduces the guidelines and principles of Partner’s Yoga using basic poses. Yoga experience is helpful but not necessary. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor with ease.


Three Class Series:

In three 2hr long sessions, we build confidence in the introductory practices exploring more poses and playfully experimenting with what is richest for each.


Week End Retreat:

Over the course of 2 days we have the opportunity to experience the power of a retreat setting and the support of a group.  

Pre and Post Nuptial Gatherings

Get grounded and connect deeply for bride and groom before or after the wedding day.

Prenuptial fun for wedding parties and families.

Open Perspectives-Yoga based team building practice.

A great addition to a workplace in-service or board retreat.  Playfully help to breakdown barriers

and build dynamic relational interactions.


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