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Principle Based Partner Yoga™ is a relational practice for two or more people that infuses yoga poses with playfulness and practices that help us connect with another person while maintaining a clear connection to yourself.  This practice is applicable to couples, friends, mother/ daughter/, father/son, colleagues or even strangers. By working with others we intentionally integrate the universal principles of grounding, compassion, trust, creativity, and discernment to enhance our connections and meet one another with equality.

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"Fantastic! Well Done~the retreat was well structured and guided in a nurturing and professional way." E.C

"Thank You! We were in need of connecting in a meaningful way and you took us there." D.M.

"I really enjoyed this class. I like the comfortable setting and small class. We had never take a yoga class together but now feel more comfortable doing yoga together" J. R

Sylvie Desautels Partners' Yoga
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